Episerver Launches Headless API for Digital Content Delivery

Episerver, digital experience solution provider, announced a new Headless API that enables users to easily deliver digital content. The API enables users to provide many Integration points around the Episerver CMS. In the Headless structure, the User Interface is separated from application logic, and users can freely pick tools, frameworks and technologies desired to custom tailor user experiences.

"Our unique approach to headless is all about simplifying the extension of digital experiences to every channel and device," James Norwood, Episerver's Chief Marketing Officer, commented in a press release. "This means busy markers and merchandisers can focus on bringing rich content and commerce experiences to life - fast."

With its particular focus on performance, Episerver envisions the Headless API excelling in IoT, native mobile apps, digital in-store screens, and conversational devices. While built for next generation applications, the API integrates without problem into legacy applications, and provides continued access into Episerver's traditional content management tools.

The Headless API is RESTful and uses a JSON data format. The API includes a hybrid architecture. In addition to couple and decoupled, the API supports purely headless scenarios. The API allows users to improve speed, performance, search, and flexibility when providing digital content across applications. For those interested in learning more, talk to the Episerver team or request a demo.

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