The Epistlee API: How Simple is Too Simple

Epistlee has managed to create the simplest blog service that I have ever used. There is something to say for a service that allows users to publish content within seconds of creating an account. Although Epistlee lacks certain features that most have come to expect (e.g. a photo hosting solution), they have released the revised Epistlee API that will help developers to integrate Epistlee’s service.

Many companies have had great success lately by eliminating unnecessary features and providing a simplified experience. Twitter and Instagram are two that come to mind. It is possible that what Epistlee seems to lack, may be an intentional omission for the sake of highlighting great writing. The company’s homepage has this to say:

“Simplicity and Beauty makes Epistlee a bliss to blog. With no useless content, Epistlee is all about your words and thoughts.”

I suppose the question that remains is how simple is too simple.

The Epistlee API is RESTful and returns data formatted in JSON. This API is one of 54 blogging APIs listed in the ProgrammableWeb directory.

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