EquipmentWatch Announces an API for the Heavy Equipment Industry

EquipmentWatch, a data and software provider to the heavy equipment industry, recently announced its new EquipmentWatch API. EquipmentWatch describes the API as "the only API serving the content needs of the construction equipment, lift/access and agricultural equipment markets." The API gives users the ability to integrate the functionality of the popular EquipmentWatch Web app into third party applications.

"We've had discussions with forward-thinking companies who want to leverage our endpoints in their CRMs, accounting applications, ,underwriting software and more," Garrett Schemmel, EquipmentWatch Vice President, commented in a press release. "The efficiency that can be gained through streamlined workflows and perpetually up-to-date data will create an enormous competitive advantage for these businesses."

EquipmentWatch gathers and distributes helpful information about heavy equipment including ownership and operating costs, retail rental rates, specification, serial number verification and equipment values. Additionally, the new API introduces new data points for the EquipmentWatch portfolio including asset utilization, market popularity, value trending and raw market transactions. Not only does EquipmentWatch expect existing Web app users to gain greater value through direct Integration with the Platform, the company is excited to see entrepreneurs build brand new solutions to serve the industry.

The API includes a suite of APIs for different data categories. The Taxonomy APIs provide basic data like manufacturer and model. The Specs API includes machine specifications. The Verification API provides serial number decoding and model year. The Costs API retrieves standard equipment costs and internal charge rates. The Values API shows up-to-date market values and pricing. The Retail Rental API provides access to national, regional, and rental-house equipment rental rates. The Market Data API delivers raw equipment sales activity and other popularity benchmarks. The Integration API streamlines the import and export of user saved asset data. Visit the API site to request a key.

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