Escapio API: Narrowing the Hotel Search To Top Quality Only

Holidays and restful breaks are an important part of maintaining a happy and healthy lifestyle, and there are a lot of services out there that help to make holiday planning easy by eliminating the need to search through reams of accommodation options. The problem is, as much as the information offered online is extensive, it doesn't always guarantee that the chosen hotel will live up to how it's been portrayed in the pictures or that it will provide the desired experience. Escapio is a German booking Portal that takes online hotel booking a step further. The service categorises it's hotels according to lifestyle criteria and accommodation types; all hand-picked, unique and of a specific quality standard. Escapio also makes this data available via the Escapio API.


Escapio is aimed at discerning travellers who are looking for a high-quality and outstanding holiday experience. The service categorises its hotels into 26 lifestyle options such as sophisticated luxury estates, romantic country houses, stylish design hotels, historic palaces, rustic wineries, Spanish paradors, Moroccan riads and more. Users can rest assured that each hand-picked hotel adheres to strict standards including a homogenous and persuasive overall concept, high-quality furnishings, a charming atmosphere, excellent service, great location, quality design and a focus guest satisfaction.

Escapio provides an XML-RPC API that allows developers to retrieve information, search for hotels and prices, as well as manage room allocations, prices, and conditions. Further API information is available on the website.

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