Announces Public Beta of Platform API

Online escrow provider,, announced that its Platform API is available in public beta. provides an escrow service that allows funds transacted between two parties be kept in trust. Through the Platform API, third parties (e.g. websites, marketplaces, classified sites, shopping carts, etc.) can directly integrate functionality. The service enables applications to de-risk transactions and avoid chargebacks by keeping funds in trust until all requirements of the transaction have been accomplished (e.g. goods inspected and accepted, etc.). has been used across industries, from legal service contracts and IP transactions, to fine art and aircraft transactions. API access to should only expand the use cases for the company. has integrated with third party services in the past, but on a custom basis. With the public API, the company expects Integration with new partners to be a simple as integrating common payments services like Stripe and PayPal.

Through the API, users can create transactions between the user and a third party, or between two third parties. Further, The API allows developers to update account details (e.g. disbursement method, customer details, etc.). The API includes a long list of endpoints including customer, transaction list, create transaction, transfer details, disbursements, and much more. Check out the API docs to learn more. has provided samples in CURL, Python, Ruby, PHP, and C#. Within the API docs, those interested can find step by step integration guides, and other helpful resources. Check out the developer portal to get started.

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