ESL Gaming Network to use Battle API

ESL Gaming Network will enhance its video game tournament broadcasts and player experience by integrating with the “Battle API” of

ESL Gaming Network produces video game tournaments. Their tournaments have live announcers who cover the action online as top video game players compete worldwide.  The “World of Tanks” game from is a popular tournament game for ESL. Over $1,000,000 has been awarded to players in World of Tanks tournaments on ESL Gaming.

ESL Gaming and its players have been doing tournaments using a relatively manual system, where players had to be concerned with the “bureaucracy” of competing in tournaments.  Players have to upload screenshots after a battle as proof of the result and send chat messages to ESL if their opponent did not show up.  Also, players have to wait for the combined stats of games and tournaments to be compiled and made available to them.

ESL says that the API integration will greatly enhance player experience and enrich their broadcasts. Battle API has a robust API that makes all player and game data available programmatically. It is easy to see how such robust, real time game play data will support richer tournament experiences.

There is extensive data available about the players, their tanks, the “clans” they belong to and the battles they have fought.  Example return fields from the API include: “clan.shot”, giving the number of shots fired by an entire clan in the battle and “clan.hits_percents”, giving the percentage of shots fired by a clan that hit their target, and “frags” giving details on what vehicles a player has destroyed.

The API is RESTful, with endpoints like “”  The API supports GET and POST requests via HTTP and HTTPS.  Some API data is publicly available to all developers registered with  Private player data requires Open ID authentication players, and the resulting access tokens are good for two weeks.   Logout functionality is required in your app, so that users can revoke your data permissions.

The main Battle API endpoints are organized by Accounts, Authentication, Clans, Clan Wars, Tankopedia, Player ratings, Clan ratings and Player's vehicles. API documentation is publicly available, and a developer portal that gives deeper information requires registration.

ESL Gaming says it will have API integration running by mid-April.

It will be fun to see an API help ESL Gaming take eSports to the next level!

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