Esri Announces ArcGIS Platform to Provide Developers Robust Location Data

Esri, a provider of mapping & spatial analytics technology, has announced the release of a new PaaS ( Platform-as-a-service) offering that is intended to provide developers with deeper Integration capabilities with the company’s location intelligence services. The ArcGIS Platform supports integration via fully supported APIs and SDKs, or third-party open-source API integrations.

This new platform provides developers with access to a Library of pre-styled basemaps, data hosting, data visualization tools, geocoding functionality, spatial analytics, and more. The company is dedicated to providing a scalable solution that works well for organizations of all sizes. David Cardella, Esri product manager for developer technologies, stated that:

“With the release of ArcGIS Platform, developers now have access to professional-grade content and capabilities they can readily plug into their apps, allowing them to stay on budget while delivering enormous value by reducing time to market...”

The platform utilizes a free plan to start that scales to a pay-as-you-go system. Developers interested in getting started on the platform can check out the developer documentation.

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