eThor Provides Developers the Single POS Integration Platform

eThor, a Point Of Sale (POS) Integration Platform that allows customers to connect their online ordering experience with their POS systems is now making the eThor API available to developers. This industry unique solution allows developers to plug directly into the platform without having to worry about the POS integration. With the API, innovative mobile application companies will have greater access to real-time data from their offline POS systems and their barrier of entry is lower than ever before.

Started 10 years ago by CEO Gary Ziegler, eThor provides a platform for connecting retail POS systems to the cloud. Companies can leverage this to offer services such as real-time ordering through Facebook or mobile applications, push pricing information to customers and allow customers to make payments. The industry standard in restaurant and retail is to do individual integrations which become very expensive and time consuming. A newer company that perhaps offers a lightweight, customer friendly mobile app likely doesn't have the $500,000 budget to do such an integration. eThor gives these companies an alternative to doing it themselves and according to Kevin Dahl, VP of Operations, "what eThor is able to provide is a real game-changer. Take loyalty applications, for example: The way these companies differentiate themselves is to have better data on the customer. We provide those loyalty software providers with the ability to access real data from all their locations' point of sale systems."

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After four years in development, the eThor API is now available in public beta with full launch expected in the coming months. The API connects retail POS systems to applications and offers functionality such as building menu displays, retrieving menu information, access customer analytics, inventory levels and much more. For access, developers should visit the API site.

With reports showing that a majority of mobile users now order their food via connected devices the opportunity is laid out for eThor to become the dominant name within the POS integration industry. eThor looks to lower the barrier to entry for upstart companies, help promote innovation and according to Dahl, "not only allow companies to scale, but allow the entire industry to scale."

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