E*TRADE Announces Developer Platform for Tailored API Creation

E*TRADE Financial Corporate Services, Inc. today announced the E*TRADE Equity Edge Online (EEO) Developer Platform. With this launch, stock plan administrators and their technology teams can create bespoke APIs that leverage the extensive capabilities of EEO, like submitting participant, grant, payroll, and transactional data.

Additional Developer Platform functionality includes the ability to:

  • Move data in and out of EEO and their own systems faster and in a more customizable, configurable, and efficient format
  • Automate workflows that were historically manual processes, ultimately streamlining key tasks like onboarding
  • Integrate their own applications such as HRIS and payroll directly into EEO, enabling a real-time sync of their data with E*TRADE systems—eliminating the need for batch processing
  • Monitor, manage, and govern participant transactions more easily

“Especially in this remote-work environment, stock plan administrators depend on efficient and easy-to-use technology to keep their day-to-day operations running smoothly,” said Scott Whatley, President of E*TRADE Corporate Services. “Through the launch of the Developer Platform, processes that were historically analog can now be automated, streamlined, and scaled. This puts our clients in the driver’s seat to customize the experiences and functions upon which they most rely—and, most importantly, frees up time previously spent on administrative tasks to focus on strategic business decisions that are critical amid the ongoing crisis.”

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