ETrade Launches Stock Trading API

ETrade recently entered the API scene with a new financial API.  This can position ETrade to catch up to the base of custom applications connected to TD Ameritrade's API, with the many compelling features provided at first launch. The ETrade API has plenty of room for expansion, but a solid base and a good step in the right direction. Coming with standard methods for an ETrade customer to review one's own account, or to make updates to one's account (basic trading operations are enabled), the basic needs are provided in this API. Security matters are also well considered, with the API having OAuth support and SSL. But more interestingly, ETrade launched with push-notifications, leading to opportunities in offering more up-to-date information to its users. For the time-being, ETrade's push notifications only provide information regarding recent transactions, such as when a buy request was successfully completed.   I am curious to see where else this could take ETrade integrations.  I'm sure the more hard core investment crowd would love to obtain a variety of custom, up-to-the-minute notifications for their applications, from price changes in one's portfolio to factors surrounding a potential investment. The ETrade API is available both for customers to create their own applications and for developers to build distributable integrations, as stated on its developer site:

With E*TRADE's open XML-based Application Programming Interface, you can now use industry-leading trading applications to execute your trades directly through E*TRADE - no additional software needed.

This API requires developers to have ETrade accounts, of course, but unlike TD Ameritrade's high account minimum, no other access restrictions apply.

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