Etsy Contest Winners Make Handmade Shopping and Selling Easy, Fun

Etsy, a marketplace for buyers and sellers of handmade products has announced the winners of its Etsy Handmade Code contest using the Etsy API. The company's blog announcement mentioned that there were a total of 34 eligible entries, including several mobile application entries, that ranged across from iPad/iPhone, Android, Blackberry and even Windows Mobile.

The contest invited applications in 3 categories: Buyer Tools, Seller Tools and Mobile. The winners were:

  • Buyer Tools : Etsy Vintage Timeline, which is an interesting way in browsing the Etsy marketplace by arranging the vintage listings by date. A cool idea since it can even let you see how similar items have changed across time.
  • Seller Tools : Etsy on Sale, an application that allows a seller on Etsy to manage a sale for their existing items. They can use the application to automatically mark your items for sale and then at the end of the sale, it marks back the original prices. You can also promote this sale on various other social networking sites.
  • Mobile: Etsy Lovers, an iPhone app took the prize over here. It allows you to browse and search listings, visit shops  and view your favourites. Also enables you to share interesting items with your friends via various mediums like email, Twitter and Facebook.

The winner in each category got $5000 as the cash prize.

Etsy has also launched an Application Gallery, which in addition to the contest winners also contains links to other Etsy applications. They have also started a community effort called Etsy Apps Team, where as a current or future Etsy application developer, you can get feedback from other Etsy members on your application and even brainstorm on future applications suited for the community.