Eve Online ESI API Replacing CREST and XML APIs

The popular community-driven space MMO, Eve Online published by CCP Games, made some major announcements regarding the ESI API it launched a little more than a year ago. One of the initial goals of the ESI API was to eventually replace the CREST API and the XML API with a single, comprehensive API. CCP has accomplished this task, and the ESI API is now at full parity.

With full parity, no roadblocks should prevent any developer from transitioning from CREST or XML to the newer ESI API. While the team will continue to help developers transition, CCP plans on shutting down the CREST and XML APIs on May 8, 2018. Barring unforeseen internal problems, the company does not anticipate granting any extensions as the CREST and XML versions will not support the enhancements Eve Online continues to release.

The company has opened a number of venues and platforms to communicate with other developers and the CCP team on transitioning. Two Slack channels, #devfleet and #esi, have already seen high levels of engagement. The company has also published a bug repository on GitHub.  You can always reach directly out to Team Tech Co as well. Stay tuned to the Eve Online Developer site for future updates.

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