Even Simpler Online Payments With Ripple's API

Moving money online is commonplace these days, and the simpler and faster the process can be, the more appealing it is. Ripple provides another option in the world of online payment solutions. It's an open source, almost free to use payment network that provides a simple and hassle-free way for anyone in the world to send money to anyone else. The Ripple API allows developers to use this functionality and integrate the payment system into other projects.


Ripple is open source to the core; there are no restrictions and anyone with internet access can use it, it isn't owned or controlled by anyone and it's code is open to anyone. There are no traditional fees to join or use the system, but because each transaction requires a small unit of value for security reasons, there is a practically insignificant cost of $0.0001 per transaction. Ripple doesn't require any personal data, and users simply create a wallet, add funds to that wallet and make payments. Currencies are exchanged automatically within the Platform, making global payments easy. In addition, it doesn’t require ACH, banks, or credit card networks, thereby avoiding the obstacles that result in the fees and added hassles of other systems.

Ripple's API is available in numerous formats including an RCP API, a Wbsocket API, and a JSON API, and developers are encouraged to build on top of it or add it to other applications. Further information is available on Ripple's website.

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