Events on the Business of APIs

For those of you looking to learn more about the enterprise and business side of APIs and mashups here are two events coming-up you might want to attend.

The first, happening this Friday in San Francisco, is called Open Enterprise 2.0 Mashups: Expanding Customer Value Networks. This one day event has a full agenda of 30 and 45 minute sessions covering enterprise mashups, architecture, tools and strategy. Talks include speakers from Google,, Kapow Technologies, StrikeIron, IBM and others. Also includes a case study session from Serus on "Mashups for Outsourced Manufacturing: Mashing your Shipments and Processes".

The second API event of note is the Business of API's Conference which takes place October 15th, also in San Francisco. As the name name makes clear the focus is on how companies growing their business by using APIs as partnership and distribution channels. The solid lineup of topics and 15+ speakers includes Amazon's Jeff Barr, Yahoo's Bradley Horowitz, Userplane's Michael Jones, Microsoft's John Richards as well as our own telephony mashup expert Thomas Howe. There's a good looking panel hosted by Forbes senior editor Quentin Hardy. And since the Facebook Platform is so hot at the moment there will be discussion on that as well with Dave McClure (who's also chairing the newly announced Graphing Social Patterns conference on Oct 7-9th that's focused on the business and technology of Facebook) as well as Scott Rafer, CEO of social advertising network Lookery. The conference is being hosted by API service provider Mashery who will have a session on their platform, currently used for a variety of APIs including the Compete API and Trulia API.

Also, while on the topic of events, the date is now set for the first Mashup Camp Europe which will take place in Dublin, Ireland on November 11-12th. This should be a good extension of the very successful series of Mashup Camps run here in the States.

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