API Aims to Please Event Coordinators

People are looking for something fun to do in their free time, and event coordinators are always looking for effective ways to let people know about the "things to do" they have on offer. The API provides the functionality required to connect the two—event-goers have a place where they can see exactly what's on, and those running the events have a place to not only promote their activities, but to manage and ticket them as well.

The platform is particularly suited to users who like to search for activities based on their specific preferences and within their own communities. This is achieved with social features such as being able to see which friends are participating in an event, allowing users to announce when they've signed up for an event, allowing users to virtually experience the event and interact with others who are attending, and so on. For administrators, the system offers handy features such as a mobile-friendly registration system, custom event branding and ticketing, merchandise offers, member discounts, business reports with financial insights, advertising and social tools, and customer communication tools.

The features offered by the API are user, search, event, stream, avatar and notification. The API is in beta, and developers interested in using it can find more information on the website.

Candice McMillan Candice McMillan is a copywriter and lifestyle blogger working between London (UK) and Nice (France). Her interest in all things API came out of a close working relationship with dev team, Lab19 Digital, where she has been involved in the conceptualising and content management of a variety of new applications.

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