Evernote Announces Major Updates to Android and iOS SDKs

Evernote recently updated its SDKs for both iOS and Android. With both updates, Evernote hopes to simplify API Integration and enhance app development around the Evernote Platform. As Evernote reaches towards 20,000 developers on its platform, streamlined libraries and simplified code sets are critical for entry into new markets.

The iOS enhancements focus on business apps and integration with Evernote's Chinese service: Yinxiang Biji. The SDK now supports Evernote Business (business-centric platform that allows colleagues to share and collaborate) and the Chinese service now enjoys a dedicated trunk. Additionally, the SDK release includes enhancements to note creation, Sample Code for API and notes, and bug/memory leak fixes.

The Android enhancement (SDK 1.0) focused on a leaner codebase, migration to Library Project (to better align with the Android developer community), and Apache Maven support (to help streamline integration). Additionally, the Android team completely rewrote EvernoteSession, moved blocking requests to background threads, freshened up libraries, issued bug fixes, and added sample code.

Although Evernote has enjoyed major adoption of its app for personal and business use, it aims to create a widespread developer community based on its underlying platform. Mustafa Furniturewala, iOS SDK lead, foreshadowed Evernote's intentions to expand its reach: "Our goal for the Evernote platform is to support developers building innovative apps." Those interested can checkout the iOS and Android pages at Github.

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