Evernote to Promote Platform with App Store

How do you spot a mature Platform? You look for its app store. Evernote, the platform for storing and accessing all kinds of things to remember, has created a gallery of products built with its API, which is expected to grow into a complete app store.

Along with the gallery, named Trunk, Evernote shared some enlightening user and platform statistics, as compiled by ReadWriteWeb:

  • 80,000 paying users
  • 2,000 API partners
  • ~5 memories are added per second
  • ~700 requests for memories per second via its API
  • ~20% use Evernote on 3+ devices

Those 2,000 API partners are likely the number of developer API keys distributed, which does not necessarily translate to applications. At launch, Evernote Trunk includes 100 products.

Nevertheless, that's one well-trafficked API, which explains why Evernote wants to highlight what developers have created. It also wants to make it easy for developers to cash in on their apps. Evernote will let users buy apps, and is figuring out revenue sharing and its affiliate program, according to Venture Beat.

Trunk appears poised to be profitable for Evernote and developers alike. There is a healthy supply of dedicated users who are already paying Evernote every month. Since credit card information is on file, there's a low barrier to additional purchases, similar to Apple's app store.

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