Evernote's API Growth: 15K Developers, Billions of Requests

The Evernote API has solidified its position as an API billionaire, now handling about 6 billion API requests per month. At the same time, the company is growing both its user base and developer base, each of which is fueling the increased usage of its API.

Evernote is a note-taking Platform that lets users store any type of note for later retrieval. The company line is that Evernote is like an external brain to help you remember everything. Most users interact with Evernote via the official apps, which include mobile and desktop. Therefore, most of those billions of API calls of coming from the company's own apps. As noted in The New API, for every external developer API Request, there are 99 internal requests.

That's not to say Evernote isn't popular with third party developers. At the recent Evernote conference, a second annual event for the company, it announced there are now 15,000 developers on its platform. That is three times the number of a year ago, the company noted.

Evernote also had its second annual contest, the Evernote Cup. It invited finalists to the conference, including KustomNote, which adds structure to Evernote notes. It also added a puppet to its overview video (embedded below).

The first Evernote contest encouraged 1,000 new developers to join, according to Evernote's Seth Hitchings. The company is focused on its API, because it depends on it on at least two levels. First, it's obviously a big part of its multi-platform strategy. Second, external developers can help fill gaps and suggest innovative new uses of the data within Evernote.

It's also a desirable audience for developers. The company is nearing 40 million total users, according to Hitchings. It also publicizes developer works in the Evernote Trunk app store.

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