Every second counts: Keep track of billable time with Chrometa's API

The billable time reflected on an invoice and the actual time spent on that project are often quite different. The odd phone call here and there, the sending of emails back and forth, little amendments to work done...it all adds up to valuable working hours that often go un-accounted for. Chrometa is a service that offers automated task and time tracking with the aim of eliminating this very problem. The service also provides an the Chrometa API that enables this data to be integrated with other applications.


Chrometa works behind the scenes, tracking every minute spent working on a computer, recording how long a user works within an application and automatically creating time entries on their behalf. The service also provides Android and iPhone applications to track time while the user is on the go, as well as the time spent on calls relating to work.

In addition, Chrometa enables users to automatically create time sheets and invoices from the data that has been captured. The time entries can be categorised and assigned to specific invoices by giving the system the keyword related to that client or project, resulting in the relevant hours being assigned to the correct job. Users can invoice their clients directly from Chrometa, or export the invoices to Excel, PDF and other printable formats, as well as export the time data to other billing systems.

The Chrometa API is a simple REST-based API that allows for the import of data into an application. Sample Code and further information is available on Chrometa's website.

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