Everybody Loves A Good Deal: RoyBoyDeals API

For those looking for value for money in Lexington and Central Kentucky, RoyBoyDeals is just the ticket. The service provides daily unbeatable deals on restaurants, spas, theatre shows, sports activities and more. The company also provides the RoyBoyDeals API and encourages third party developers to make use of it and integrate the functionality with other applications.


RoyBoyDeals works on the idea of team buying power, offering businesses the potential of an influx of new customers when they provide discounted rates. Businesses can benefit from this arrangement by gaining new customers and risk free marketing which puts a spotlight on that business, giving it exposure and resulting in priceless word of mouth referrals. The great news for the end user is that they get access to unbeatable specials and offers that wouldn't normally be available.

The RoyBoyDeals API provides access to this functionality, and interested developers will need to register for an API key in order to make use of the data. Any questions or comments regarding the API can be directed to info@royboydeals.com.

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