Everyday Is A Significant Day With Anniversarator's API

Looking for a reason to celebrate? Well, the average person may not be aware of it, but apparently there is a whole list of trivial (and some significant) reasons why anyone could justify celebrating any given day. Anniversarator is a fun, online calculator that provides users with information on special occasions related to the date the put into the search box. The Anniversarator API makes this data available to be integrated with third party applications.


For those wanting to relieve a bit of boredom, this could be fun way to waste some time and find silly excuses to celebrate any given day of the year. The user simply types in the day their relationship started, or the day they were born, and the Anniversarator calculator produces a result, indicating what occasion the user can celebrate today, regardless of what day it is. These could be anything from a 1000 day anniversary to an anniversary according to Martian years. Creativity is the name of the game and anything goes it seems.

The Anniversarator API methods provide text suggestions for the specified start date. These suggestions are based on the number of days, weeks, fortnights, months or years since that specified date. More information is available on the Anniversarator website.

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