EveryMatrix Updates Web API to Include Native Mobile Support

EveryMatrix announced the upcoming release of its new Web API. The updated API allows the Platform to service mobile content. Accordingly, users can supply gaming content to native mobile apps. EveryMatrix has noticed a breakthrough in services dedicated to native mobile support, and the company's latest offering keeps up with the breakthrough.

"In today's online gambling industry - from sporting events to casino games - software suppliers need to respond to their clients' necessities by offering reliable and secure access across platforms and help increase conversion speed and long-term loyalty," Ebbe Groes, EveryMatrix CEO, commented in a news release.

While EveryMatrix has not announced a specific release date, the company suggested the new API will soon be available to current EveryMatrix clients and used to attract future clients with the need to supply gaming content within native mobile apps. The API marks a shift in focus for EveryMatrix from template-based delivery, to User Experience and Front-end design. The company believes the shift will better support operators through increased market share, improved customer retention and revenue.

The new API utilizes WebSocket protocol, which enables realtime, two-way communication. While the shift in focus associated with the new API will stand as a major change to support mobile apps, EveryMatrix announced that the new functionality is one example of a series of improvements to come. Native mobile support is what the market now demands, and EveryMatrix plans to meet the demand with complementary service offerings. 

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