Everyone API Puts Valuable Telephone Data at Developers' Fingertips

Having a better knowledge of who it is that marketing efforts are being aimed at is imperative for the success of any product or application. Telephone data that provides accurate information, such as a person's name, address and gender, gives the marketer or developer a real advantage and a much better chance of hitting the mark.

Everyone API

The Everyone API aims to put this valuable information in the developer's hands.

Everyone API is basically an easy-to-use data service that provides an effective way for developers to access telephone data on the web. Pricing is affordable, with prepaid billing and auto top-ups available. It's also billed on a per-successful-lookup basis, which means it can suit both small-business and enterprise scenarios.

Here's how the Everyone REST API works:

  • Users must create an account first, after which they will be provided with Account SID and Auth Tokens.
  • Users can specify the data points for which they would like to receive results.
  • Data points include name, CNAM, gender, address, location, current carrier, original carrier and linetype.
  • To integrate the API into an application, users will need to make an HTTP GET request to the API Endpoint using HTTP Basic Auth- or Query String-based auth (parameters "account_sid" and "auth_token"), then Parse the HTTP status code returned.
  • Phone number formats accepted include 16502530000, 6502530000, 650-253-0000, (650)253-0000 and 650.253.0000.
  • This is a real-time service, and queries can take between 40 and 350 milliseconds to complete.

Further information and API documentation are available here.

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