Everyone's An App Builder With AppNowGo

AppNowGo! is a web application that Builds web applications. The company provides the AppNowGo! API. This API is part of what makes the AppNowGo! Platform such an easy solution for businesses and developers looking to create basic web applications, without the long development hours or complicated code.

The use of wizards, straightforward language (none of the technical jargon stuff), a simple interface and even pre-built templates makes app building quick and easy. The company have achieved this by providing some easy-to-use building tools:

  • The option to add and update records with forms
  • A method of listing multiple records with tables and lists
  • The option to display individual records with details
  • The ability to search records with custom criteria

AppNowGo! can also move data into the cloud, making it an efficient online database app and a better option than heavy spreadsheets. This allows for easy Integration with third party APIs as well as the ability to pull data from social feeds like Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. In addition, these newly created apps can be customized and published anywhere; embedded directly into a website, created into a mobile version or hosted by AppNowGo! itself.

The folks at AppNowGo! say that this is just the start and there are a lot more features to come.

The AppNowGo! API is based on a RESTful protocol and exposes the entire platform’s functionalities. It's available to all users with accounts.

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