Everypixel API Expands to Provide User Generated Content Photography Scoring

Everypixel, a stock image search engine that uses AI to analyze images on the basis of aesthetic appeal, has expanded the Everypixel API to include User Generated Content Photography Scoring. The API already provided functionality for image tagging, stock photo scoring, and visual search.

With the addition of User Generated Content (UGC) Photography Scoring, the API can now analyze the aesthetics of users’ photos by taking advantage of a proprietary algorithm that has been trained against millions of Instagram images. This functionality can help developers automatically sort and rank photos submitted to their platforms. Estimation parameters for the algorithm were provided by 10 professional photographers.

UGC Photographic Scoring sorts photos into 5 catagories: very bad (0-20), bad (20-40), normal (40-60), good (60-80) and excellent (80-100). The API currently offers a free trial that provides users 3,000 monthly requests. The company provides an API Demo page, that helps users evaluate the service. 

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