Everypixel Launches API Access to Image Search and Aesthetic Filter

Everypixel announced API access to its flagship product, a combination between image search engine and aesthetic filter. Everypixel uses AI, based on neural networks, to teach its tools nuances among vast amounts of images. The developer community, frustrated with the quality of stock image quality, have been particularly fond of Everypixel and requested API access.

"The idea of making the Everypixel API belongs to our users," Everypixel founder and CEO, Dmitry Shironosov, commented in a press release. "We received a lot of requests after the release of the Aesthetics Everypixel on the Product Hunt and decided to realize them."

While Everypixel is interested to see how developers put the API to use across industries, some obvious use cases are photo tagging and aesthetic scoring for photos. The aesthetic quality is scored via Everypixel's algorithm which Builds intelligence through a neural network. The tool can be used an alternative to computer vision technology.

Currently the API includes two methods: keywords and quality. Sending an image to the keywords method will retrieve a list of suggested keywords. Sending an image to the quality method will retrieve a quality score. The quality score is based on technical factors within the image including brightness, contrast, noise, etc. To learn more, check out the API docs.

Everypixel has published a demo tool so those interested can see it in use. Check out the aesthetics tool itself here. The API is free up to certain limits, but paid access is available for larger volume requests.

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