The EveryScape API Can Show You The Way

There is a restaurant near my house that I go to often, it’s hard to find and I have trouble explaining to my friends how to get there. I can’t help but wonder how much business this restaurant is losing because of its poor location. Indoor mapping company EveryScape might have the solution. It's like Google Maps street view that doesn’t stop at the front door, it goes right inside. The Everyscape API can seamlessly be integrated into a website, allowing a developer to place the company’s immersive viewer in a relevant section of their site.

Once inside the company’s Platform allows you to view the interior of a building from multiple angles. This would give potential clientele the chance to easily find an establishment and experience what it has to offer from their home computer or web enabled smart phone.

The EveryScape API, which is currently in private beta, allows developers to access and integrate the video-tour capabilities that they provide into other applications and websites. Now, instead of explaining how to get to a restaurant, the website could just show the way. How simple is that?

EveryScape is one of 206 Mapping APIs in our directory.

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