EVPassport Leans on APIs to Expand EV Charging Access

EVPassport is working to streamline electric vehicle charging in America by building out an API-powered application that removes roadblocks to charging station utilization. The application leverages API integrations to enable charging on myriad networks without leaving the app or fussing with creating multiple accounts. 

Competitors in the space, including ChargePoint, Electrify America, Blink, and Greenlots, all assist in locating charging stations but require further effort to utilize the networks. Whether it is downloading another application, topping-up balances, or using electronic key fobs, accessing charging stations can become complicated. EVPassport finds that APIs provide the necessary infrastructure for seamless Integration of charging platforms, the kind of integration that solves real-world problems and portends a future where electric cars dominate the road.

EVPassport is integrated with the Google Maps API, harkening back to some of the earliest “API Mashups,” to allow users to visualize charging stations along their routes. Users can utilize the application to find charging locations, visualize pricing, view real-time availability, and more. 

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