evvnt API: Getting The Word Out To A Larger Audience

When planning an event, aside from all the fun stuff like the programme, the décor and the like, the bottom line is getting people to turn up; and no-one's going to make an appearance if they don't even know it exists. So marketing the event is key, and that's where evvnt comes in. It's an online event marketing service that focuses on getting the word out there by broadcasting and publishing a user's event to multiple event listing sites. The evvnt API makes this functionality available to be integrated with other sites and applications.


The purpose of evvnt is to help event organisers achieve success by providing them with a tool that can put their events in the public eye on a larger scale, while saving them valuable time and effort. The system achieves this by providing the following features:

  • Premium Event Publishing & Broadcasting - the user's event is published as an event listing on Facebook and then broadcast to a variety of relevant event listing sites such as Qype, Skiddle, Yelp, Gum Tree, Data Transmission, Ents 24, Eventful, Eventbrite, Visit Scotland, Time Out, SongKick, Chortle and more.
  • Targeting - the system uses the event details and location information to target category specific event sites and relevant consumers.
  • Natural Search - the event and location data of an event are used to create the necessary search information required to be picked up by Google and other natural search engines.
  • Event Publishing Technology - the company works directly with major publishers to provide direct event publishing, and in some cases, premium event positioning on the site.

In a recent press release on PRlog, founder and CEO of evvnt.com, Richard Green says,

"Here at evvnt, we have solved a problem with a simple technology solution. This will vastly improve event availability to consumers and enable publishers to promote failing events platforms, which could deliver multi-million pound revenues.”

evvnt provides two REST APIs - a read API that allows users to pull event information from evvnt and publish it on their own sites, and a write API that can be used together with the read API to submit events to evvnt. Both APIs use JSON over HTTPS and Authentication is by HTTP basic auth. Interested developers will need an API Key and API SECRET in order to gain access, and will need to contact evvnt directly to apply for these.

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