ExactTarget Announces Availability of Fuel Platform to Third-Party App Developers

ExactTarget, a leading Software as a Service (SaaS) company, has announced the availability of the Fuel Platform to developers for building third-party applications.

The Fuel Platform is a next-generation interactive marketing Platform and is the foundation for ExactTarget's Interactive Marketing Hub®.

Interactive Marketing Hub

Image Credit: ExactTarget Interactive Marketing Hub Video

The Interactive Marketing Hub® provides businesses the ability to do email, mobile, social media and web marketing from a single, easy to use console.

Using Fuel Platform REST APIs, SOAP APIs and/or Cross-Channel APIs, developers can create third-party applications that integrate features of the Fuel Platform such as real-time messaging, advanced analytics, mobile and social media marketing applications.

"By opening our Fuel platform for third-party development, ExactTarget is once again revolutionizing the way developers and marketers alike can unlock the power of data and the cloud to connect with their customers,” said Scott McCorkle, ExactTarget’s president technology and strategy. “Fuel extends our capabilities to power advanced Integration and real-time messaging and creates the foundation for an entirely new app ecosystem that will serve as a catalyst for digital marketing innovation worldwide."

As with most APIs, an API key is required to use the Fuel API Family and is only available to developers that have created a Fuel Early Access Program account.

To learn more about Fuel APIs and the Early Access Program, visit the ExactTarget Dev Center.

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