Examinare API Enables In-app Survey Functionality

Examinare provides a host of survey tools to help businesses gain an edge on the competition and encourages continued innovation and customer support. In its bag of survey tools lies the Examinare API which allows developers to integrate survey data and functionality with third party apps. Examinare entered the survey market as a client required survey feedback for a special project. The project exceeded expectations and ongoing demand for survey functionality continued. Examinare aims to offer such functionality across all apps with the API.

Examinare has already enjoyed success with its API through partners such as Mailchimp and Fortnox. Mailchimp Integration includes synching data between Mailchimp and Examinare. Contacts and customer information is shared across platforms and Examinare allows users to create surveys and send them out to the Mailchimp contact list.

The Examinare API uses REST protocol and an XML data format. Developers have an extensive list of commands at their fingertips when accessing the API. Sample commands include create and share user lists, create and recall surveys, and retrieve survey results. Those interested can gather more information or sign up at the API site.

Examinare lives be the edict: "Because Feedback is everything." Many businesses agree as web-based surveys have become commonplace and strategic throughout today's business world. The Examinare API allows businesses and developers to gain greater precision and eases survey generation by enabling app integration with survey tools.

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