Excuse Yourself Early With 'Escape My Date'

The ol' mid-date excuse to cut things short has an upgrade from a new mashup. Escape My Date reacts to a Twitter message for help and dispatches pre-selected friends to call you. The excuse, it seems, is still up to you to figure out.

Escape My Date

The site received the most votes of the companies created at Women 2.0 Startup Weekend in San Francisco at the end of August. When signing up, you select some friends to help you. The site gives you some ideas, which appear to be based on recent direct messages you have received.

When you're ready to escape, you send a direct message to the site's Twitter account. Then Escape My Date sends direct messages to your selected friends, asking for a little help. If your friends keep a contstant ear on Twitter, there's a good chance you'll receive a phone call from one of them. Otherwise, the site will use Twilio (our Twilio API profile) to automate the phone call after five minutes.

Again, once the call comes in, you still have to give your date an excuse. The site's blog lists some ideas.

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