Exist API Opens the Window to Personal Data Analysis

Identifying patterns in everyday activities can help people to recognize the things that are making them productive or even holding them back. Easy access to this kind of insight was at the top of the list when Exist was created; it's an app that tracks lifestyle data, providing users with useful insights in an easy-to-use dashboard. By allowing access to the API, Exist now gives users the freedom to do interesting things with their data.

The Exist app is basically a service that runs on information collected from other sources such as fitness trackers and services like Foursquare. By collecting all of this data and displaying it in one place, the app can provide personal insights by showing hidden connections and analyzing patterns. The dashboard displays all of this information in a way that makes it possible for users to see what's happening at a glance. Other features include a mood tracker that helps users identify what makes them happy and what doesn't, and weekly summaries that show mood information, notes and insights from each day.

The Exist API allows users to access their own data and create other things with it. It's currently in beta, and users are advised that the API and docs may change at any time. The folks at Exist also encourage people to use the API and give feedback where they believe things could be improved. At the moment, it's private and can only be accessed for personal use. Using the API to develop and release apps aimed at third-party users will be frowned upon. More information and API documentation are available here.

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