Expedia Affiliate Network Launches New API for Travel Accommodations

Travel booking giant Expedia, through its Expedia Affiliate Network, has launched EAN Rapid, a new Platform for travel accomodation search and booking.

The platform contains a number of APIs, including Geography APIs that provide geographic definitions and property mappings, a Shopping API that offers real-time rates and availability for more than 400,000 accomodations around the world, and a Booking API that allows Expedia affiliates to book rooms.

According to Expedia, EAN Rapid is a significant improvement over its previous API. Specifically, it says that EAN Rapid's Shopping and Booking APIs are 55% and 25% lighter, respectively.

In addition, Expedia has added new functionality that will help its affiliates create better user experiences. Enhanced functionality includes the ability to hold and resume bookings, collect hotel deposits, receive notifications on post-booking changes, and easily determine affiliate fees that will be generated from each booking. Expedia has also added improved testing and error resolution functionality.

According to Ariane Gorin, the president of Expedia Partner Solutions, Expedia invested over $1.3 billion on technology innovation last year and EAN Rapid is one of the products of that investment. "EAN’s new API is all about speed, giving our partners faster access to our rates and availabilities in order to service their customers better," she stated.

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