Expert System Releases Freemium Version of the Cogito Intelligence API

Earlier this year, ProgrammableWeb reported that Expert System, a leading semantic software company, had released the Cogito Intelligence API which allows semantic processing and analysis functionality to be integrated with government, intelligence, law enforcement and other types of security software systems and applications. Expert System has just announced the launch of a "freemium" version of the Cogito Intelligence API which is available on Mashape, the cloud API Marketplace.

Cogito Intelligence API

The Cogito Intelligence API allows for the processing and analysis of data sets and real-time information including documents, web pages and social media data. Document processing includes text mining, categorization (geographic, intelligence, crime and offense), semantic tagging, fact mining, and extraction of entity and relationships.

Using the Cogito Intelligence API, developers can create applications where the meaning and context of selected data can be deciphered and evaluated as relevant in terms of intelligence, counter crime and cybersecurity activities. There are over 1,000 different categories of specific taxonomies of terms for intelligence, cyber, crime and geographic domains. Chief Operational Officer of Expert System, Mr. Andrea Melegari states for the press release that:

"Making our API available on Mashape gives developers access to our proprietary and unique technology for creating applications where understanding the contextual relevance of information is critical. We are excited to be part of Mashape and look forward to greater exposure within the developer community."

For more information about the Cogito Intelligence API, visit

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