Adds New Emotion Process Features to Its Natural Language API, a company that provides language processing services and products, provides a natural language (NL) APITrack this API that enables developers to add intelligent language analysis to their applications. The company has now added new functionality to the cloud-based Platform that aims to better process emotional subtext in the text at scale. 

By leveraging the potential benefits of this new feature set, Expert. AI believes that developers will be able to more accurately conduct sentiment analysis, a key component of language processing that provides context to content. The NL API now provides insight into 117 different traits divided into two distinct categories: emotional traits and behavioral traits. Emotional traits are more simple to understand, with the company highlighting anger, fear, disgust, sadness, happiness, joy, nostalgia, and shame as examples. Behavior traits could include openness, consciousness, ethics, and indulgence.

The API also gains a new Writeprint extension that the company describes as performing “a deep linguistic style analysis (or stylometric analysis) ranging from document readability and vocabulary richness to verb types and tenses, registers, sentence structure, and grammar.” This functionality is intended to help analyze writing styles, identify authorship, identify level of education of the author, and more. 

The API is currently available and is hosting a hackathon intended to showcase the sentiment analysis capabilities that are provided to developers. 

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