Explore Google Cloud APIs through Cloud Code

Google has announced a new Cloud Code API manager. Cloud Code aims to streamline the process of adding Google Cloud APIs to applications while remaining in the integrated development environment. Prior to this API management functionality, adding multiple Google Cloud APIs required repetitive steps.

With Cloud Code, users can browse and enable Google Cloud APIs, install client libraries (current support for Java, NodeJS, Python and Go) and access API docs. The theory and the goal are to reduce "context switching." In other words, developers spending time working on code, not switching contexts to add new APIs to their projects.

Specifically, Cloud Code is a set of extensions for VS Code and JetBrains suite of integrated development environments. It includes extensions to VSCode, IntelliJ, Goland, PyCharm, and WebStorm. With the API manager, developers can develop, deploy, and debug Kubernetes apps. To learn more and get started, check out the Cloud Code installation guide.

Google shows more detail regarding how to browse APIs and install client libraries in its blog post announcement. The post links to extensive reference docs. For use case specifics, check out the VS Code docs or the JetBrains IDEs docs.

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