Express Gateway v1.11.0 Now Available

The 1.11.0 version of Express Gateway, a microservices API Gateway built on Express.js, is now available. The new version includes typical bug fixes, some miscellaneous changes, and an important feature addition for the Proxy Policy (stripPath).

stripPath is a new parameter supported by the Proxy Policy for Express Gateway. It allows the user to own the URL space of backend servers in addition to the URL space exposed by the Express Gateway. The default value of the parameter is false. To learn more about how the feature works, check out the newly added Path Management section of the Proxy Policy Docs.

Additionally, an Official Helm Chart was added to Express Gateway. The Helm Chart allows users to install Express Gateway on Rancher and Kubernetes Clusters with a single command. For more information, check out GitHub.

For those interested, check out all of the additions, fixes and changes at GitHub. The team encourages feedback through GitHub and on Gitter.

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