Ez Texting Family of APIs Go RESTful

TellMyCellClub TextingThe Ez Texting is a simple solution to a problem many developers have in the mobile world. The Ez Texting API allows developers to send SMS text messages to phones in the US and Canada. It recently had a major update, as did its related TellMyCell API and Club Texting API, adding a full REST API to the previous HTTP methods. It also added the functionality to send a text to a number of phones with one API call.

According to the main developer site, the HTTP API is now considered a legacy product. That means that although it will continue to work, the new, cool features will only be added to its REST API:

We offer a REST API and a legacy HTTP API. While we will continue to support our HTTP API, this is a legacy product. Active development has moved to our REST API. As such, we encourage you to use our REST API. The REST API already offers new bulk sending and message scheduling options. No new features will be added to the HTTP API.

The new API looks to be easier to use, matching up with the plethora of other RESTful APIs, and the new feature will make it far easier to send texts to a lot of numbers at once. The API allows the sending of texts at exact times, making it rather useful to people who wish to do marketing through text messages. It is a paid API, requiring users to buy credits and have an account to use it. You can look at the pricing information on its site.

This is, at its heart, an API for use by people marketing something through text messages, or doing a service over text messages. Within this world, one can do a lot of fun things. Text message marketing is another different way to get modern, connected people to actually see advertising they might not otherwise see. If that's something you're interested in, the Ez Texting API, and its associated APIs, may be exactly what you need. There are also many others to choose from, as we list 126 SMS APIs in our directory.

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