eZ-Xpo Announces Event Management API

eZ-Xpo, virtual tradeshow management Platform, announced the release of the eZ-Xpo Open Event Management API. The API integrates with third party applications such as Eventbrite, Cvent, Etouches, Amiando, and many more. Integration with the API allows third party apps to include management planning, registration, and promotion for events.

Matt Fok, eZ-Xpo founder and CEO, commented:

"The new event management API integration helps simplify the logistics of registration and planning for meeting and event organizers. We understand that having a robust, yet easy to use event management system is so important….The integrated tools make management of any event simple."

eZ-Xpo targets small and medium sized businesses who cannot necessarily afford a full events team. eZ-Xpo understands that full customer engagement requires attention from many angles which includes a collaborative marketing approach. Such an approach includes tracking event data from recruitment to onsite engagement to follow up. The flexibility of eZ-Xpo’s platform allows small and medium businesses to get started, yet scales with companies as they grow into large enterprises.

Public Documentation for the event management API is not currently available. However, eZ-Xpo has released some of the data sets available through the API. Developers can integrate event sales reports, schedule pages, order placement and confirmation, sync capabilities, calls to action, and more. For more information, visit the API announcement.

The live event industry continues to thrive at an estimated $24 billion per year. Its virtual event counterpart is quickly gaining ground and just shy of $20 billion per year. Whether physical or virtual, events play an enormous role in marketing, sales, and customer retention. Accordingly, an effective event management strategy has become an essential element to any business. eZ-Xpo has always concentrated on streamlining event management, and the new API furthers its purpose.

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