F9Analytics Launches API for Commercial Property Leasing

Real estate technology startup F9Analytics has launched a Platform that gives companies access to an algorithm for evaluating commercial property leases.

Designed for landlords, brokers, real estate investment firms and other companies involved in the commercial real estate business, F9Analytics' Lease Comparison solution makes it possible for users to value, compare and analyze the financials of a property lease. The company's Lease Optimizer allows users "to solve for any financial lease variable in seconds," enabling users to determine a leasing structure that achieves their specific goals.

"We have provided a solution that allows companies to negotiate profitable financial terms in nearly real time, we have provided a solution that allows companies to target and optimize leases that hit financial goals, and we have increased the efficiency and thereby speed at which leases can be transacted," F9Analytics founder and CEO John J. Cona said in a news release.

The company says that the output of its Lease Comparison engine is on par with what a human senior analyst can produce but "with the efficiency and accuracy that is replicable only if a financial model has been built with the flexibility to model upwards of 50 to 100 varying lease structure possibilities." Additionally, F9Analytics points out that the cost of its offering is "a fraction of the cost of staffing a team of in-house analysts."

F9Analytics, which was founded in 2012 and is part of Microsoft's BizSpark startup program, makes its Lease Comparison and Lease Optimizer solutions available via the Web and on a subscription basis, but is also able to deliver access to corporate customers through a JSON REST API. To speed API integrations, it has created an HTML and JavaScript-based client interface that its customers can download and build on.

APIs Take on Critical Business Functions

F9Analytics' solutions demonstrate how APIs that handle important financial decisions are becoming more and more prevalent. Not surprisingly, because its API is intended to be used for critical decisions, F9Analytics is seeking to ensure that customers are comfortable with its technology and the quality of its results.

To that end, supporting Excel spreadsheets are provided for output. "The downloadable Supporting Schedules allow analysts and auditors absolute data transparency outside of the computations of the cloud," the company says. Additionally, F9Analytics insures its output up to $1 million and can increase that amount for larger corporate customers.

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