Face Recognition Contest Has Unusual Prize

Not since a battle axe grand prize have we seen a contest give away something so intriguing. Face.com, makers of a free photo recognition API, aren't giving away an iPad or laptop to the top developer in their contest. They're giving that developer a job.

The company is searching for an evangelist and is hoping to find the right person by holding a contest:

This is a big deal for a lucky someone who wants an all expense paid trip to…Branson, Missouri! Actually no. Seriously, it’s probably to pretty cool places like NYC, Chicago, Miami, San Francisco and NYC again. All you need to do is show your love for Face.com, hand out schwag, answer questions and generally spread the word about Face.com. You’ll also be able to leverage our forum community and social media channels. It’s easy. The hard part is winning the contest. Good luck!

The Platform has seen tremendous interest in the year since it launched. The company has added many features to the standard face detection to also detect each face's mood, gender and whether it is wearing glasses. There's also a more advanced face recognition system, which allows developers to train the API to recognize particular people.

There are over 20,000 developers who have signed up for the service, which offers its API to developers for free. The company makes money on partnerships, such as the Orbit Gum Smiles campaign.

API providers routinely hire from within their developer ranks. Face.com has gone further by making a contest of its evangelist search, formalizing what others are already doing. All it takes is an enthusiastic YouTube video and a killer app and you could have yourself a new travel-rich job for an API with a lot of developer interest.