Face To Face Communication Between Businesses And Customers: Idiligo Inside API

Idiligo is a Web Service that aims to make the lines of communication between businesses and customers more streamlined and effective. The company achieves this by providing an online Platform that combines real-time video, chat and document sharing that can be a useful tool for things like remote meetings and presentations. The Idiligo Inside API is available to developers who wish to integrate this functionality with other websites and applications.


Idiligo is aimed at businesses that want to do better than just give their remote customers a call, but also don't have the opportunity or budget for physical customer visits or meetings. The company claims that this service has proved especially useful for things like cold calling, online presentations, filling out forms or questionnaires, interviewing candidates and more. Products currently offered include the Light package which is a free trial, the Business package and the Plus package, each one including a combination of the following features: document sharing, webcam, chat, personalised email, personalised logo/wallpaper, multi-user account, document storage of 100 MB, flows and scripting, style sheets and premium support.

Idiligo Inside API methods support initiating a hosted video call, chat messaging, uploading documents shared with all users accessing the call, support management of contact lists and more. For more information, developers can get in touch with the company via a contact form on the website.

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