Face.com Brings Mood Detection to its 20,656 Developers

Finally, you have definitive proof that your significant other is only 52% happy. Face detection and recognition service Face.com has been busy since it launched its free API a year ago. The company has been adding servers to handle the load of the over 20,000 developers who signed up. It's also been adding features, the most recent the ability to detect the mood of a face, along with a confidence rating.

Perhaps more amazing than an API detecting the mood of the people in the photos is doing it for free. Developers using Face.com can send 5,000 photos per hour to the service without paying a thing. That's over 100,000 photos processed each day, plenty of room for most apps to figure out how to make money. "As soon as you make money, we can talk," CEO Gil Hirsch said. Even then, the company isn't against developers making money on its free Platform. "Whatever we give away for free now will always be free," Hirsch said.

Though the mood recognition is brand new, there's already a developer who has launched a fun web cam application called Mood Battle. The confidence rating for each mood becomes a score and the photos are optionally shared on a Mood Battle Tumblr.

There's still time to be an early adopter and Hirsch says Face.com is giving away shirts to developers using the new mood features. So, spend your weekend getting used to the Face.com developer portal. The website includes a great API sandbox to try out the service without writing any code.

In addition to moods, Face.com can perform simple face detection, as well as other facial attributes, like glasses and gender. Developers can also create more advanced applications doing face recognition, where Face.com trains itself to recognize specific individuals. There's even an option to auto-train the system based on your Facebook friends, which requires Facebook Authentication to Face.com.

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