FaceAffinity API Provides Personality Metadata

You can tell a lot from a person’s face. This isn’t a new concept. Over the years, scientists and philosophers have pursued the notion that physical features and personality traits are linked. If that is the case, imagine the insights that could be gained by having instant access to consumer personality data, all based on the results of analyzing a simple image. The FaceAffinity API has taken this concept and provided users with a tool that returns personality traits from face images.

Using facial pattern analysis technology, the cloud-based FaceAffinity API takes images of faces and returns personality metadata in seconds, without the need for long questionnaires or further information. The API stores no images and can be integrated with anything from websites and apps to marketing software. Users can simply upload images from social media and image databases, and the FaceAffinity algorithm gets to work right away, returning detailed personality information. Marketers can then use this information to create relevant and powerful personality-aligned content to get those conversions. FaceAffinity sees this kind of tool as being very useful in establishing online buying intent, fine-tuned location target marketing, better online dating results, faster real estate transactions and more.

On paper, the idea is genius: Take a face image and instantly get detailed metadata that provides valuable information on that person’s personality. That’s the person's likes, dislikes, buying intent and so on — a marketing advantage that greatly improves the chances of hitting the target in just the right spot. If the science behind it is sound and the data returned is accurate and reliable, then I guess we’ll see a lot more of this around.

Further API information is available on the FaceAffinity website.

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