Facebook Adds Automated Encoder Configuration and Frame-Accurate Start Times to Live API

Facebook announced two feature updates to the Facebook Live API. Facebook introduced an automated encoder configuration and frame-accurate start times as a direct result of user feedback. The automated encoder configuration should cutdown on the fine tuning required by publishers during a live stream. The frame-accurate start times will allow publishers to know exactly when a broadcast is actually live to the viewing audience.

The goal of the automated encoder configuration is to ensure the highest quality video is maintained throughout the live stream. To accomplish this goal, the Live API now includes preview, start, and stop states for the encoder. Further, the encoder automatically configures to optimal settings during the live broadcast. Once implemented, manual setting adjustments for quality should decrease greatly.

The goal of the frame-accurate start time is to ensure the publisher knows when viewers are seeing the live stream. To achieve this time-specific goal, the Live API now indicates the exact frame and moment when a stream is live to the viewer. A strong opening is key to any broadcast, and publishers no longer have to guess when the opening is seen by the viewer.

Developers can enable both new features within the broadcast setup. Alternatively, publishers can work with video solution providers that have enabled the features. Facebook successfully tested the new features with Wowza, and the features are now available through Wowza's ClearCaster. To learn more, check out the Live API docs.

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