Facebook Adds Relay Hooks for Improved GraphQL Data Fetching

Facebook has introduced Relay Hooks, an updated set of React APIs that the company believes are a more developer-friendly way to work with Relay. Relay Hooks APIs allow developers to leverage the Relay JavaScript Framework for fetching GraphQL data in React applications.

React is a JavaScript Library that developers use for building user interfaces and React Hooks were added to React V16.8 and allow developers to use certain React features without writing a class. Facebook has used React Hooks to build these new Relay Hooks APIs. Facebook outlined the value to developers in its recent blog post:

“The Hooks APIs provide an improved developer experience, especially for refetching and pagination; have improved type safety with greater coverage; take advantage of compiler features to automate error-prone tasks, such as generating refetch queries; and are fully compatible with React Strict Mode.”

Additionally, Facebook notes that using Relay Hooks allows for prefetching of data before a component renders, improving responsiveness. Hooks are also designed to be a much simpler process to implement.

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