Facebook Adds Review Process For Certain Graph API V2 Calls

Social sign-in is a powerful tool for application developers, providing demographic and psychographic data about users which can be harnessed to drive a deeper brand engagement. Marla Hay’s recent post on the Janrain blog discussed what Facebook API v2 will mean for developers using social sign-in in their applications.

The first change is a review process for any data collected beyond that typically needed by an application. Public profile info, friends list and verified email address will continue to be accessible. However, in order to access additional data or publish content to Facebook on the user’s behalf, a review will need to be submitted.

The two criteria considered during the review process will be visibility and utility. Any data collected must be tied to a direct use that will clearly improve the user experience. This could include location info to customise the front page of a site to present local news and weather to that user.

If you are currently requesting data that will require a review in v2, you can follow the steps in Facebook’s Login Review Guidelines to prepare and submit your application.

The second update will give more control to users in selecting how much information they share over social sign-in. In v1, users are forced to decline signing in with that application if they do not wish to share the full amount of information requested. The new API will allow users to choose whether they are willing to grant access to info beyond basic profile data, which includes; user name, display name, first and last name, profile picture, age range, gender, and Facebook-specific identifiers and URLs.

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