Facebook Ads API v2.2 Adoption Schedule Extended

Facebook has extended the adoption schedule for its Ads API version 2.2. Originally, Ads API users had until Jan. 28 to move to version 2.2. Based on API partner feedback, Facebook has pushed the date back to March 11. Facebook made the decision to move to a Versioning model after partners complained that frequent API changes brought problems. Adjusting to Facebook's development cycles was challenging, and a versioning model should help remedy any difficulty.

On March 11, Ads API partners must ensure that calls both use versioning and use version 2.1 or 2.2. Moving forward, version changes will abide by Facebook's versioning guidelines, which ensure that the last version of the API will remain available for 90 days after a new version is released. After 90 days, an outdated version will return an error.

Facebook has provided an Ads API version 2.2 upgrade guide to assist partners in the transition. Additionally, API changes from 2.1 to 2.2 can be found here. New PHP and Python SDKs were published for partners utilizing the Facebook Ads API SDKs.

Facebook continues to show its dedication to its developer community. The adoption schedule extension came as a direct response to Facebook's developer community feedback. We recently saw Google take a similar approach by extending the period for NPAPI support. While Facebook has indicated that March 11 represents a hard stop for the transition to versioning, the team encourages developers to reach out with feedback and questions.

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