Facebook Announces API for Embedded Video Player and oEmbed Support

Facebook has announced two new tools to help developers embed public videos and posts from Facebook: the Embedded Video Player API and oEmbed support. The goal of both tools is to ease the developer experience when using Facebook material to enhance social and engagement with third party Web sites. The announcements come a few months after Facebook initially launched an interactive embedded video player.

In a nutshell, the Embedded Video Player API is simply an API for the embedded video player launched earlier this year. The API gives Web site owners more control over embedding Facebook material, and streamlines the Integration process. Web site owners can customize Facebook videos to best suit the Web site's audience. The API includes a number of useful features: autoplay (with or without sound), volume control, playlists, player controls, event and Error Handling, and custom buttons and thumbnails. Further, site owners can use the API to determine how many viewers watched a particular video. For more information, visit the API docs.

In addition to the API, Facebook now supports oEmbed. oEmbed constitutes an open standard that manages technical details needed to embed material from Facebook. The standard eases the process required to embed public articles, videos, and other Facebook material with the simple copy and paste of a URL. Support is currently available, and developers can add oEmbed support for the CMS of choice. For more information, visit the oEmbed docs.

As stated, the goal of the new tools is to ease efforts to embed Facebook material directly into a third party Web site. In addition to ease of use, the tools empower developers with features that enhance the end User Experience. Facebook included a good example of such enhancement in the blog post announcement. In the example, a Selena Gomez video includes links to concert tickets, social sharing, subscription options, and more all from the Facebook chromeless player. Check out the blog post and the docs to learn more. 

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